The writings you will find on JOSIAHJUDE.ORG are for those whose heart’s are fully HIS. These writings are for the student who understands that between the day we are set apart for GOD’s use, and the day we begin our God-given assignment, is that period of much needed processing, pressure testing, and waiting, initiated by heaven for the purpose of our own development. 

Character over cleverness, integrity over a good impression, substance over the superficial, humility over pride, are just a few of the ways the LORD seeks to transform those HE has chosen for a special assignment. And since God’s methods of training almost always happen in solitude, obscurity and the monotonous day-to-day real life, we have dug a well for the chosen. Some content is original (written by us) but some content we pass along with (credit) from men and women who have journeyed before us, leaving us an incredible wealth of wisdom and much needed encouragement.

You will find that our content falls into one of four main categories:

  1. Spiritual (Formation) Development
  2. Personal Growth & Development
  3. The Discipline of Service
  4. The Discipline of Gratitude




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